73% CHOCOLATE ORANGE<br /><span> dark chocolate+ candied orange peel<br />2.5oz bar</span>

73% Dark Chocolate is topped with our Candied Orange Peel.

We use Cacao (cocoa beans) from the regions of Lachua and the Polochic Valley,  Guatemala, which are carefully roasted to bring out their rich flavors. It is then refined with Organic Cane Juice,a pinch of Cinnamon & Sea Salt, and molded into 2.5 ounce/72 gram bars.

We candy the orange peel ourselves using oranges from artist Cathy Shanahan's trees in Healdsburg, Sonoma County, CA. 

Try pairing one of these cheeses with the Orange Bar:                                              Cypress Grove's Sgt. Pepper Goat Cheese (California, Goat) infused with harissa, curry, chiles)                                                                                                                Taleggio Cheese (Italian, Cow) a strong aroma with mild flavor + a fruity tang.