65% CHOCOLATE MOCHA<br /><span>flying goat coffee + cream<br />2.5oz bar</span>

Enjoy the rich flavor of Dark Chocolate with Flying Goat Coffee, Cream and Cinnamon! We grind coffee beans with our cocoa beans. The result is a silky dark chocolate with a balanced coffee flavor that is subtle with a creamy finish. 

​Cacao beans from Haiti are carefully roasted to bring out their rich flavors. They are refined with Flying Goat Coffee, Cream, Cinnamon, Organic Dried Cane Juice, and a pinch of Sea Salt, molded into 2.5 ounce/72 gram bars.                           

Try pairing one of these cheeses with the Cream Chocolate Mocha bar:                  Bellwether Farms' San Andreas (California, Sheep) floral + grassy with nutty undertones                                                                                                                              Parrano Cheese (Netherlands, Cow) mild, nutty with salty + sweet tones.