62% DARK MILK CHOCOLATE <br /><span> brown butter + roasted almonds<br />2.5oz bar</span>

Enjoy the rich flavor of Dark Chocolate and Roasted Almonds, smoothed by Caramelized Milk and Brown Butter.  California Almonds, roasted in organic extra virgin olive oil, provide a crunchy + a nutty finish. Complex with great depth of flavor. 

​Cacao beans from Haiti are carefully roasted to bring out their rich flavors. They are refined with Caramelized Milk, Browned Butter, Organic Unrefined Sugar, roasted Almonds, and a pinch of Sea Salt, then molded into 2.5 ounce/72 gram bars.

Try pairing one of these cheeses with the Dark Milk Chocolate Almond bar:              Cowgirl Creamery Mt. Tam (California, Cow) smooth, creamy + elegant                  Epoisses (French, Cow) super-soft, rich + creamy with a pungent aroma.