After 16 years of owning a Wine Country restaurant in Healdsburg, Ca. we made the decision to sell. We were ready for a new adventure.  We were offered a job to co-chef for a boutique resort near Todos Santos in Baja, Mexico and we jumped at the opportunity to experience life abroad.

While living and working as married chefs in Mexico we fell in love with traditional foods and ingredients.  New to us, but grown in Mexico for 1000’s of years, was Cacao a.k.a. Cocoa Beans. We were fascinated by their many uses in Mexican cuisine.  Readily available to us, we began experimenting with them.  We roasted them in the traditional Mexican style and tried them in both sweet and savory recipes. 

The people we worked with were from all parts of Mexico. Some of our co-workers came from families that made traditional chocolate in different regions. We were thrilled when they would share their family chocolate with us.