Art of Chocolate

Making fine chocolate is an art, and we believe every aspect of our product should reflect that, from the packaging to the product inside. When we started imagining the outer wrapper for our chocolate bars, we wanted to create something that was completely unique. We ultimately found what we were looking for right under our noses: a quilted wall-hanging that Jeff's aunt made in a color palette of cream, orange and brown. With its complex modern design and hand-dyed fabric, it was perfectly unique and captured the art of each of our handmade chocolate bars.


CATHY SHANAHAN: artist’s statement

I live in the circles and cycles of the creative process. It begins with the ups of inspiration and imagining followed by the joys of problem solving and watching the piece develop. Once I've had the inspiration and done the imagining, I have to start with a piece of fabric on my working wall. From then on the work becomes a joyful response to what happens on that wall. Finally comes the construction, the feel of the fabric, thread, beads, all the tactile properties of this medium. Here the process can become almost a chore, but the piece will sing to me, push me forward. At this point the inspirations and the imagining begin anew, bubbling and percolating in my mind. On to the next cycle.

I want my pieces to grab the viewer. I want the piece to draw a person from the far side of the room right up until their nose almost touches the art. And then I want to reward them with surprises. I hope they smile.

Cathy creates her beautiful and imaginative pieces in her studio. She resides in Healdsburg with her cat, Tabitha. We are thrilled she has given us permission to use her art for our labels. Cathy is also Jeff Mall's aunt.