Egg-citing times
First time Salon vendor Volo Chocolate is a bean-to-bar maker in Windsor up in Wine Country. Chefs Jeff and Susan Mall are the owners and chocolate makers at Volo. Both were manning the booth and handing out samples of their award winning flavored single...
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Wine Country Chefs Take Flight Creating Exquisite Volo Chocolate Bars
All chocolate bars tell a story. Volo Chocolate bars are the creations of Wine Country chefs who fell in love with cacao while working in Mexico. The bars of Volo Chocolate, by chef duo Susan and Jeff Mall, are notable for their fine texture and flavors such as dark milk chocolate with figs and hazelnuts, cream chocolate with Mexican chilies and dried cherries, and a bar flavored with cream and coffee. Their beautifully designed labels based on original artwork by Jeff’s aunt Cathy Shanahan have been yet another way for the chocolate makers to distinguish themselves. 
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The Sweet Life: Volo Chocolate
by Rose FuchsDecember 14, 2022 Sonoma County got a bit sweeter in 2016, when Susan and Jeff Mall started their Windsor-based company Volo Chocolate. While working as co-chefs in a boutique hotel in Baja Sur, Mexico, Susan and Jeff discovered some...
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Where to Find Easter Treats in Sonoma County

Confectioneries and baked goods abound this Easter season, with local bakeries and candy shops crafting special treats for the springtime holiday. From chocolate bunnies and candy-filled eggs to decorated cookies and carrot cakes, there’s something for everyone’s sweet tooth. Here’s where to find Easter treats in Sonoma County

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